Wasserbillig (L) – Harbor & Moselle excursion

The “Spaatz” in Wasserbillig, at 130 m above sea level, is the lowest point in the Grand Duchy. The passenger vessel “MuselSchëff” embarks on its tours at the confluence of the Sauer and Moselle. Travelling up the Moselle, discover the solar electric powered “Sankta Maria II” linking the communities of Oberbillig (D) & Wasserbillig (L) and Luxembourg’s only inland port “Luxport” in Mertert. The port handles several million tonnes each year with many special transport movements being made by ship. The ship turning area in the port is where the Syr flows into the Moselle. Back on the Moselle you then immediately encounter one of Luxembourg’s biggest tank farms with storage capacity of approx. 90 million litres. Arriving at our turning area, we find ourselves alongside the wine-producing town of Grevenmacher, the “metropolis of the Moselle”. Admire the most modern bridge in Luxembourg’s Moselle region, the Grevenmacher/Wellen lock the scenic Moselle promenade. But there is far more to discover, such as wine cellars, the vibrant
pedestrian zone, the butterfly garden, the Kulturhof, and much else besides. And don’t forget the historic past. An absolute highlight on the Moselle is the grape and wine festival in the second week of September, where a new Wine Queen is crowned each year. This is the departure point for the return journey to Wasserbillig.
Additional information: The Moselle rises in the Vosges (F) at Col de Bussang, flowing into the Rhine 530 km downstream at Koblenz (D). In Luxembourg, the Moselle flows for 40km as far as Wasserbillig. The Moselle has an average depth of 3.5 metres and is navigable for vessels with a capacity of up to 3500 tonnes.

PROGRAM JUNE – OCTOBER 2020 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday)





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